"Today the world of Music, Art, Literature, Poetry must dialogue with the Business world.

I believe that it is possible to reconcile quality with popularity.

Art and Business. Everything is connected with everything, everything is server and client at the same time. Unlike in the past, today Music is not only a language of communication and emotions,

it must be a medicine for Soul and brain.

People must regenerate themselves with the energy of Art.

I am convinced that Music must dialogue with the world of ecological fashion, with the world of clean cars, with companies that produce organic food and healthy, with companies that build eco-houses, with artificial intelligence, robotics, clean and renewable energies, with the green economy and the entire production system that wants to give an evolution to our wonderful planet.

This is the mission of MU&G, to promote this vision and to create joy and prosperity for Artists and Companies". (Louis Siciliano)


These the words pronounced by Louis Siciliano, ceo and founder of MAGIC&UNIQUE GROUP, who spoke on the first day that our company has started its activities.

This vision has inspired me and today I am here to lead this important division of M&UG dedicated to Marketing, Promotion and Communication.

The most important thing to underline is that we are totally open to collaboration with everyone: Artists, other record labels, companies who want to communicate with their customers and open up to the global market.

Our international experience and our network of relationships in all countries around

the world make sure that anything we promote (remember that we promote only quality and excellence) is received with enthusiasm and positivity by millions of people because they trust us totally.


              JP Devera

            M&UG General Manager











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