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MUSICA PRESENTE doesn't only mean music of our times,

it also means music of awareness - the witness of the new millennium.

The present time is the synthesis of the past and it contains in itself the seeds for the future. In this process, the present takes on the fullness of existence in which music participates.


These days more and more space open up to the nomadism of music composers.

The name MUSICA PRESENTE comes from a certificate of intellectual dynamism and cultural activism.

No reference to musical genres and styles but only experiences that take place in the here and now and that are worthy of being transmitted for their uniqueness.

The Artistic Director of this incredible laboratory of sounds and innovative ideas

is Renzo Cresti, musicologist and internationally renowned music critic,

author of the book "MUSICA PRESENTE" which inspires this Record Label.












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Our international Distribution brings our music productions to the most popular streaming service providers all over the World.

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