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MAGIC&UNIQUE GROUP LTD is thrilled to herald the rebirth of one of the earliest and most iconic record labels in music history - EDISON GOLD MOULDED RECORDS. Buckle up for a time-traveling journey, because from today, we're breathing life back into all the vintage Jazz & Blues styles pre-dating the advent of Modern Jazz.


Rediscover the roots of Jazz & Blues in all its breathtaking forms, from the vibrant rhythms of Dixieland to the captivating melodies of Chicago Blues. Feel like you're cutting a rug in a 1930's Harlem club with our hand-picked selection of Swing from the artists of our time. Get swept away by the frantic pace of Boogie Woogie and the technical mastery of Straight Piano.


And for the more eclectic Jazz enthusiasts, we've got something special - Gypsy Jazz. With its unique blend of Romani tradition and French swing, Gypsy Jazz is a musical experience you won't easily forget.


Our mission is to resurrect the golden era of Jazz & Blues music, and we couldn't be more excited to do it under the banner of EDISON GOLD MOULDED RECORDS. Founded in 1888 by none other than Thomas Edison, EDISON GOLD MOULDED RECORDS boasts a long and illustrious history of musical innovation and pioneering. It was EDISON GOLD MOULDED RECORDS that introduced the first commercial phonograph and the first musical discs.

Today, the EDISON GOLD MOULDED RECORDS brand is owned by MAGIC&UNIQUE GROUP LTD, a music company with headquarters in both Los Angeles and London.


At M&UG, we're amplifying Edison's legacy, reviving his vision and passion for music. We're ready to pen the next chapter of EDISON GOLD MOULDED RECORDS' history, and we can't wait to share it with the public who craves quality music.


Join us on this thrilling journey through music history. Listen to the masters of today's Old Style Jazz & Blues as you've never heard them before. Because with EDISON GOLD MOULDED RECORDS, history has never sounded so alive.




Enjoy GOLDEN PHONOGRAPH Records Playlist on Spotify.




Our international Distribution brings our music productions to the most popular streaming service providers all over the World.

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