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MAGIC&UNIQUE Foundation ©


PHILANTHROPY is the key for the modern World. 

At Magic&Unique Foundation our values are unconditional respect, solidarity, overcoming prejudice, and caring for all that surrounds us. Our philosophy is that there can be no business if there aren't shared values.


Quantum Physics has recently scientifically demonstrated that we are all connected and for this reason we believe that taking care of others is the best way of bringing about Harmony not only to ourselves but to the world.

Compassion is the only way to create harmony today and in a world where people are still homeless, living in inhuman conditions, without food or protection we want to make a difference.

We want to work breaking all barriers of racial, sexual or religious orientation as we believe there is no space for such discrimination in an evolved and modern World.


We have already incremented a series of concrete projects (DIGNITY HOTEL)         

to help the homeless and we are looking forward to developing more and more.


We are fully aware that a beautiful and more "livable" world is possible but only with the collaboration and will of all from businesses to individuals.







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