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Welcome to COSMICSYNTH RECORDS, your new destination for innovation and creativity in the world of music. 


COSMICSYNTH RECORDS is more than a record label: it's a movement, a platform for bold and innovative artists who are pushing the boundaries of what Music can be. We offer an environment that fosters creativity and artistic expression, allowing our artists to realize their unique vision and share it with the world.


We're not just a home for music creators: we're also a community. COSMICSYNTH RECORDS is a place where Music enthusiasts can come to discover new sounds, connect with like-minded artists, and be part of something bigger. Whether you're a veteran of the scene or an enthusiastic beginner, there's a place for you here.


Join us on our journey. 

Explore our extensive range of genres, discover our latest releases, and become part of the COSMICSYNTH RECORDS community. 


This is our record label dedicated to:

- New Metal

- Art Rock

- Wonky 

- Polytempic

- Polymicrotonal 

- Briandance

- Ambient

- Modulars Music

- Experimental

- Musique Concrète


- Computer-music

- Algorithmic Music

- Vapor Wave

- Glitch-Hop

- Skweee

- Noise

- NeuroHop

- Deep Drone

- New Progressive

- Post Dubstep

- Folktronica

- Next-Age 

- PsyDub

- Syncretic Music

- Acousmatic

- Post Techno

- Avantgarde Electronica

- Contemporary Music




Enjoy COSMICSYNTH Records Playlist on Spotify.




All our Music is in AMBISONICS (Immersive Sound Spatialization)  

and can be enjoyed on headphones for a Magic&Unique Audio Experience.




Our international Distribution brings our music productions to the most popular streaming service providers all over the World.

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