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SÜDTIROL RECORDS is a record label dedicated to promoting and showcasing the extraordinary musical richness produced in South Tyrol and throughout the entire Alpine region.

Our commitment is to provide an exclusive platform for the immense talents that characterize this area, creating unique opportunities for global recognition.

From folk music to contemporary influences, we aim to give voice to all the musical nuances that make this corner of the world truly unique.

At the helm of  SÜDTIROL RECORDS is the prestigious operist and guitarist Alex D'Alessandro, who has been a cornerstone in the local music scene for years. With a profound understanding of the region's artistic richness, Alex leads the label in discovering and nurturing new talents, elevating the music of this magic land to international levels.

SÜDTIROL RECORDS is the ideal platform for Artists; Ensembles and Bands from South Tyrol who wish to introduce their music to the world.

Our goal is to highlight and promote talent, providing an international showcase for exceptionally high-quality musical creations.

SÜDTIROL RECORDS is more than a record label; it is a community of artists dedicated to exploring, celebrating, and spreading the beauty of music that originates in these spaces of poignant beauty, truly unique in the world.


Our international Distribution brings our music productions to the all streaming service providers all over the World.

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