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Andrea Seki & Kristen Nikolas "ERRARE HUMANUM EST"

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Celebrate the Solstice in enchanting style with the release of 'ERRARE HUMANUM EST', a beautiful collaboration by two incredible artists: Andrea Seki, a versatile composer, arranger, music performer, and producer, and Kristen Nikolas, the lyrical genius and captivating lead vocalist. This mesmerizing track, released under ATLANTEANS RESONANCES RECORDS, is set to captivate you on December 21st, 2023. It showcases the talents of Kristen Nikolas on vocals and Andrea Seki on neo-Celtic harp loops, FX, Moog bass, and choirs. Alongside their magic are Konogan An Habask on biniou, bombarde, uilian pipe, Low-istle, Daniele Sechi on drums, Didier Dreo on electric guitars, and a stellar lineup of special guests: Massimiliano Gallo on viola, Federica Faith on choirs, Alauna on expression FX vocals, Biagio Accardi with a narrative voice, Maxime Bourdon on harmonica, with Patrice Marzin from Studio Seniprod Kemper managing the mixing and mastering, Fabrizio Mancini handling the Cover Artwork, and Karine Hermen overseeing management. Immerse yourself in the celestial harmonies and musical wonders of this mystical Solstice release!

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