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The most important thing to point out is that we are totally open to collaborations with 
everyone: Artists, institutions, companies, and anyone who wants to communicate with their 
customers and open up to the global market.

Our support consists of an integrated Marketing&Promotion package that gives visibility to 
your brand.

We will organize everything needed to increase your business:
Social Networks, newspapers, reviews, blogs and various media in countries all over the world
such as North America, China, Europe, Japan, South America, Africa, Australia and India.

We’ll define the best strategy bearing in mind the budget you want to invest.

We are the inventors of High Quality Emotional Marketing (HQE Mktg).
Our international experience and our network of relationships in countries all around the 
world make sure that what we promote (please remember that we promote only quality and 
excellence) is received with enthusiasm and positivity by millions of people because of their 
complete trust in us. 

M&UG Global Marketing division works with all Media, Magazines, Blogs, Radios and

Music Promoters from all over the world. 

Experience & Excellence live here.

Contact us to discuss.






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